Monday, March 16, 2009

I've break my promise..

its clear that..
its true that..
i had break my promise to someone..
maybe this is not a big deal..
bring no big change..

but promise is a promise..
i just fail to keep something that was promised..
actually this is not a 1st time that i break a promise..
and i knw it..
but just giving a bunch of crap explanation to make myself to feel not so guilty..

but not this time..
this is not a nice attitude man..
just need to change it..
1st just have to face it..
hope that one day can overcome =.=''
its time to grow up boy..


1 comment:

Girl Girl Lian said...

u break ur promise..
Bt I cnt blame u..
As I knw u'r really very tired after working for so long..
It's ok my dearly fren..