Monday, March 2, 2009

Being Existing.

I wonder.. if some of u really ever think of this problem..
it may seems bringing no effect to some of you..
but actually after i think days and nights..

this thing hurts, its happy, or its terrified..

some of the people maybe never feel the feeling of losing the feeling of being existing..
surrounding by peoples, and always be the focus in between of a bunch of people..

Some people, they dont even know whats is their position in that party, they even think of ..
What will happen if i leave the group or join the group..
Will it bring any change? Or.. he bring no change to things around him =.='

In some edges of this world..
We can see that many people want people

to care for them
to prove that they are exist

some of them even do things to hurt themselves..
or acting some unexplained insane things in order for ppl to see and say that..

"hey see he is ***** lets see what the world said about him"

is this what they want
is this what we want

or is this what i want..

until now i still haven do something insane..
but i admit that i always doing stupid things..
but it bring no change to things

after a silly laugh..
the earth is still rotating..
air is till running
people still worrying..
people still thinking..
the world is still running back as how it is..


Luckily i still know that ..GOD you never abandon me.. you always be on my side..
always know what i hope to.. and give me by the way of perfect..
I love you.. muackz! Lolz

Maybe people will see i still staying in emo style while i was using English to blogging ..
but, maybe this is how my blog be >.<
BUT there is a notice here: i will opening a blog soon .. not so emo .. so wait for it ba.. i will inform u all as i open it.. if there some one who want to see =.=''

any way.. some funny experience let me think of this issue..
this topic not just pop up from my mind..
as these day i was working..
i think my mind got prob..
i will suddenly get my phone out and see..
but i feel that i was stupid.. as i know that they should be totally no sms for me ..
or call..
i wonder.. who i waiting for??
why i do this??

so i finally give up..
so if some of you sms or call me that i didnt reply..
im so so sorry..
i just wanna let me far away from thinking of this stupid thing =.='

am i exist???

emo emo


Girl Girl Lian said...

Well well well..
My brother, my friend, my dearly xiong,
You're not alone,
together I'll stay with you,
Stand beside you.
Whenever you fall,
I'll try my best to pull you up.
Whenever you lost your way,
I'll try to find you back.
I'm not as powerful as our Al-mighty Lord,
but I think I'm one of the friend sent to tell you that: YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

p/s: If NO ONE cares you,
do you think your blog will be read by the others?
I'm your blog follower.
This show how much you mean to me.
My dearly friend.=)

瑞祥 said...

long time din show u this emoticon lo~~**** u use full english kamlin?wat time u will change b?o0o

yung said...

jesus love u , i love u too

Yuling said...

xiong xiong.. what happened again?
aza aza!! jia you..
anytime u can come my house hav a talk le..
my milo is owes there for u..
lol.. hehe..
smile~ ^^

Clement said...

May GOD bless you~~~
dont worry xiong..the problem you have encountered now is just the same one as mine...
and you know what?someday you'll overcome it..i mean by naturally..let's say that it's the works of GOD which would make up your mind and evolved to a whole new that time,you'll have a completely different way of
view in everything..
don't you think so?btw,u gotta have faith in me tho:D

大大的熊^^ said...

For all of you..
thx for leaving your comment here..
at least i can know that there is someone still willing to hear my words..
there are many things i wont say in real life..
some shouldnt be said.. some dun wanna said ... but some..
i will said it loud here...
words sometime is a good way to express our feeling...

thx for all your concern haha..
btw.. clement is... clement kong?
or clement howe

Clement said...

of coz is clement howe lo=="
i thought u knew it leh..haha..
or maybe i use "Shinra" better...lolz