Monday, March 16, 2009


dunno since when ...
i found that..
actually me myself are a perfectionist..
i found that. if i had been given a job..
i just wanna finish it perfectly..
so i do need time to prepare for it..
but sometimes things burst out suddenly..
just not enough time for me to prepare for it!!
or mayb that i just dun have enough confidence on myself...

and seems that..
dunno its since long time before or it just happen lately..
i start to losing confident in so much thing..
and losing confident on myself also..
i start to not believing myself in so much so much thing..
something big that change me??
or this is the real side of me..
i dunno...
who knows..
HE knows..

just hope that my faith to YOU can lead me through all the problem that i face..
all the challenge that have to deal with..

cant i dont be so emo??

emo emo

1 comment:

I Sun said...

Hey bear!!!
I was just wondering the "HE" you were refering God right!
Hahha...ya he knows everything..just to make sure, so that i don't get bullied anymore..ahahah...
Well..i'm a sort of perfectionist as they say..i mean i really do my stuff like full concentration on it, and if it turns out not the way i like it, i'll be very angry. and even little stuffs, like arranging the pictures in my projects can make me loose a lot of times, just to put them in the perfect order and's like a big "no no" for my architecture course. It's good in the sense that we're looking into things seriously and doing the best for all the task that God have given us, but we really have to look over the time. Try to set a limit in you task everytime. Then when the time is up, just don't care and go to your next plan, and continue one. I feel the same as well..and it'a pleasure to know that someone is feeling the same as I do... Cheers!