Thursday, June 4, 2009

Listen.. to the heartbeat of a lame single =D

Long long ago.. I was single...
But now?? haha.. i'm still single lolz..
Be honest that.. I think I have never "ON" with girls before..
at most at most is only until the stage of ambiguous..

Sometimes i figured out that i have mistaken in some parts.. sometimes just really not suit haha..
Actually there are so many ppl, sometimes did they think of, if they really wanna find a partner for life or just to satisfied their feeling of emptiness the feeling of being love or ??..
(Hey i cant put so much comment on it man! Or else ppl will think this was a lame single guy mumbling here)

Actually things that causes me to blog this morning is just.. I had a dream again LOlz..
I dreaming I was on a relationship with a girl (Shh.. dun ask me who is her).
Undeniable the feeling was nice, sweet and some said awesome~( Since the feeling is so real, trusted that most of you had these experience also. haha)

Its true to tell you all that life as single is quite enjoyable. Especially can simply go "bio" leng lui XD..(Suan ler.. dun wanna keep my name nice as it was smelly in UCSI d T__T)

But sometimes freedom does costs. Of the sad sad feeling of being a single guy haha.
But cheers man, maybe it just not the time for us.
As for me, I belief God will have the better plan in me, he will take me through all of this, he will guide me to the brighter future than the way i want to walk myself. I know He was with me.
For the other non-believers. Just cheer man!!

Long live single!!=D


Anonymous said...

dream tiok me ar? huhu,no la..jz kidding... u sure wait tiok the gal who god arrange for u de... jiayou..^^

大大的熊^^ said...

aiyo... who are u o..
mai tou tou comment here.. gimme ur name.. haha

Anonymous said...

haha...reli wondering hu is tat 'lucky girl'...wahaha...guess hu m i?'rong shu xiong'..hehe...

Girl Girl Lian said...

Applause for XIong!!!
you finally blog something that's better thn after..
God will plan for you.. XD

Anonymous said...

i guess i know who is that anonymous..
haha..dun jia jia liao

xueli said...


Yew Hong said...

xiong~ have u ran out from tanjung rambutan? how r u recently? found a place to stay dy?

k3vinGinta said...


Coffee Bean said...

eeeeuukkkk, xiong seems lik desperate worr...hahahaha

mikhaelkueh said...

Nice dream you got there. Ahaha.