Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good luck too all UCSI boys and girls who take test tml =D

lolz.. so funny today evening i was sleeping in order to pay the debt for late sleeping yesterday night for my moral study(althought it didnt bring quite help for me = ='')
As soon as i reach home, i directly fainted after running some program on my com. THEN!! when i wake up, i look at the clock, it was 8 already!! DIE lor.. i cant even belief my eye so i directly watch the other clock and it brings the same result, then i was totally fed up because..
then i plan for the perfect war planning for the next 2 hours of study == ''
then i directly rush to my com then my face suddenly o.O
they clock on my com shows now was 8pm = =''
then i think i was so so stupiak and i think i was too nervous on the test tml as all my UCSI frens do haha..
actually i was not intend to blog today but it seems so funny that everyone on msn all write something like "bio..i bet i cant finish study tonight... all because of last minute!!!","BIO....I LOVE U SO MUCH....I HOPE I CAN DO WELL>>>"."OMG!! bio quiz!! still lots more hvnt finish!!!!!!!","Shit...............god heaven liao.....my biology sure gonna to hell liao~~","lolx.. that will be good if we were told wud will come out in d bio quiz 2ml.. so we wont suffer like this.. ><" and even some like "CHAO KEVIN"?? i dunnno wad that mean haha..
Know why i knw it?? because i was appear offline observe all the time ma, because i knw if i keep online i will die 10 years earlier so i appear offline and.... DL song ,DOta and doing things that shorten my life for 20 years(seems bring no diff= ='')
So now after this post i will be arranging my data haha, so good luck all my fren =D
i did pray for u all, no matter u all belief or not XD..
p/s:and o mana cola tonight? really scare dao me dun dare online ler a? lolx


YuQin said...

good luck xiong!

Tyan said...


Joie @Jong said...

tell u tell u!
i jux finish my last paper!!
so happy now.
haha. hao lian you yi xia lo...
jia you lo!!